• Useful and indispensable203 Products

    There are items that can not miss in a house because they furnish but are above all, useful and sometimes indispensable. Discover in this category the cloath-racks, the mirrors and the umbrella stands to equip corridors and entrance areas and even shelves, clocks, CD racks , the magazine racks to be positioned at the side of the couch or the partition screens to separate the spaces with discretion.

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  • Trunks and containers36 Products

    Containers, boxes and baskets are accessories and furnishings very useful throughout the house. Planning the space in an optimal way can really make the difference. If you thought at least sometimes that space is never enough this is the right section for you. Practical shoe racks, drawers with reduced size, linen baskets and many other convenient containers.

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  • Home decor 402 Products

    Decorative objects, candle holders and lanterns as well as photo frames, paintings and prints. There are so many ways to transform your house in a unique place! If you have a blank wall to decorate or a piece of furniture that needs some uplifting, this is the right category you’re looking for! Find the missing piece that would give your home a touch of style and personality.

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  • Textiles229 Products

    Add some color to your sofa with pillows, make warm and cozy the environment with a soft carpet. Dress up your table with the right tablecloth for every occasion. The textile allows you to experience the styles you want or keep pace with the latest trends.

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  • Bio Fireplaces 26 Products

    The biofireplaces are ideal to create a relaxing and charming atmosphere and at the same time produce a pleasant heat. Not only beautiful, but also practical: ensure ease of installation, ease of use and rapid heating. They do not produce ash, require no maintenance, can be positioned in any room because they require no chimney and offer the possibility to adjust the duration of the fuel and the amplitude of the flame. The most interesting feature of the combustion of bio-ethanol is the ability to not release any odor in the environment, but only heat and water vapor, producing a very small amount of carbon dioxide. That's why biofireplaces marry fully ecological cause, respecting the environment and health.

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